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Photographer PBJ CANDIDS
"Jennifer Emery's expertise, professionalism and creative vision make her our first choice in photographers -- and not just for band photos!" - JF

Jennifer's 20 year background in photography includes: Commercial, Editorial, Fashion, Product, Campaign photography, Headshots, Models, Weddings, Portraits, Celebrity, Corporate Events, Travel and Location Photography, Photojournalism, Marathon and Sports photography, Promotional, Catalog, Productions Photography for (commercials, TV & Film), Live Shows, and Special Events.
Men's salon  |  JOHN ALLEN'S
"It's a sublime, magical, transformational experience.  All we can say is:  Wow!" - JF

The  Beverly Hills Club is located inside the Saks Fifth Avenue Beverly Hills store. The Club features a great beer bar, a lounge area with a large billiards table and comfortable furniture. The Beverly Hills club also features a completely private room, available upon request with a set appointment.
Hairstylist  |  MARKS' & MICHAEL'S
"Michael Flot is more than just an incredible hairstylist.  He is an image guru and a confidante.  You will leave the salon feeling like a movie star...unless you already are one."  - JF

Marks' & Michael's Salon On Melrose has been in business for over 22 years. Michael is well known on Melrose for his expertise as a hair care specialist. He is also an educator & teacher of hair care. He provides hair cuts, hair care, press & curl, relaxers, hair color, extensions & braids and wig care. He is open early and stays late and also works Saturday & Sunday. Call today for your appointment.

"If you've ever watched an episode of MAD MEN, and thought to yourself, 'I'd wear that!' - then this is the store for you.  Not only will you find your one-of-a-kind cocktail attire, you'll also discover carefully curated fashions for everyday occasions and beyond mid-century style.  We also love their  fab dressing rooms!"  - JF

Playclothes has an extensive collection of Vintage fashions that range from the 1930's to the 1980's,  specializing is clothing from the 40's - '60s.  Everything for the vintage lady, gentleman and even child or baby including outstanding suits, dresses, shirts, pants, blouses, jewelry, gorgeous hats, incredible footwear, undergarments and much more.  Playclothes also offers a world of different looks for your home.  Helpful staff provides a pleasant shopping experience without the high prices of other retailers.
Pizza  & Cocktails |  STELLA BARRA
"The best pizza in Los Angeles.  Also, some of the most delicious cocktails...ever.  We also have a perpetual crush on every single one of the astonishingly charismatic and genuinely nice staff members at Stella Barra.  Insider tip:  An angel gets their wings every time you take a bite of the butterscotch pudding.  Its that good."  - JF  

Stella Barra serves 400-500 artisan pizzas each night from its open pizza kitchen.  Signature pizzas include the Fennel Bianco and the House Made Organic Italian Sausage.  In addition to the signature pizzas, the menu boasts a selection of small plates, house salads and sandwiches, as well as daily Chef's Plates, many featuring house-made pastas, crudos, simply prepared proteins and seasonal vegetables. 
Recording Studio |  MATT PAKUCKO STUDIOS
"Working with Matt is like working with an expert friend who shares your passionMatt has a keen ear and savvy engineering skills, bolstered by his commitment to his craft.  And he's a really nice guy!  We felt right at home the whole time, and look forward to recording our next project with Matt...after he's finished producing our first!"  - JF  

"Classic, history proven, organic hit-making fundamentals along with modern technological wizardry are the essential elements that make each song, the singer and the performance immediately engaging to the listener and to the Artists themselves.  I prefer to work more with the music and the person, and less with the grid and the typewriter, and I give each Artist whatever they need, from a gentle nudge to a solid kick in the pants, to get the best art they have in them OUT, into their recordings and into the world. "  - Matt Pakucko
"It is a rare but treasured neighborhood gem:  the record store.   Without being overwhelming or expensive, this charming Hollywood Hills landmark always seems to have the perfect, random and wonderful jazz album to add to one's immaculate collection." - JF

Counterpoint Records & Books, started in 1979, is a genuine mom and pop-owned store, just below the Hollywood Sign and nestled in the thriving Franklin Village area, in between the Los Feliz and Hollywood neighborhoods of Los Angeles.  Whether your vinyl tastes lean toward old soul 45s, mono jazz 33s, 20th century classical recordings, punk 7"s, promos, quads, or any form of any genre, you're sure to find something of interest.
"Jen loves Arclight Cinemas so much, they interviewed her about it!  Check out the video below..." - JF

Arclight is more than a place to see a movie; it is an experience.  Since 2002, our mission has been to create the best moviegoing environment possible, through careful thought, design, and attention to detail.