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  J    A    Z     Z          F    O    N    D    U    E  
about jazz fondue

With an eclectic mix of vintage, cocktail hour classics,  as well as  lounge standards from the 1930s - 1970s, JAZZ FONDUE blends bachelor pad cool with mod interpretations of familiar songs from a wide variety of genres, including bossa nova, swing, Latin jazz, The Great American Songbook and pop rock.   We like to hover around the mid-century vibe and then dig deeper from there.   

Jazz Fondue is  sultry, sensual & exotic.
Jazz Fondue is nostalgic, playful & enchanting. 
Jazz Fondue is groovy,  space-age and atmospheric.
Jazz Fondue is delectable,  approachable and authentic. 
Jazz Fondue is MUSIC that's meant to be shared among old friends,,,and new, intriguing acquaintances,
about the band
Miguel Barrera  |  drums
Jazz Fondue is thrilled to introduce our wonderfully talented new drummer, Miguel Barrera!!

 Miguel's bio to come!
Alexander Burke  | vibes
Alexander Burke's bio to come!
Phil Cantor |  guitar

Phil began his music journey in Brooklyn NY in 1964. Baby boomer that he his, seeing the Beatles on television was a life altering event. With his cousin on drums, and some neighborhood kids, Phil formed his first band. Doing British Invasion, garage rock classics, R&B, and Top 40, rock n'  roll ruled for the next 15 years.


Moving to Los Angeles in 1978 found a more diverse music scene. Subsequent bands offered a more varied repertoire. The Magic Band was a club cover band doing rock, blues, R&B and funk. During the start of the swing revival, Phil did jump blues with Swing Syndicate. He played western swing / country / Honky Tonk with Western Boulevard.

Jazz and bebop arrived with The Jazz Monks, and then Phil got to play in a 17-piece big band with the Union Station Swing Band. From 1993 to 2009 Phil led his own band, Moondance, a  7-9 piece variety ensemble playing banquets, fundraisers, weddings, and concerts.  And now Jazz Fondue is a fulfillment of all these experiences in a lifetime of music.

Jen Friesen | vocals
Jen Friesen grew up playing the  bassoon  and saxophone in school orchestras and jazz bands in her hometown of Castro Valley, CA.  She didn't seriously consider vocals until the early 1990s, when a friend dared her to get up and sing a song with local jazz legends, Marty & Elaine at L.A.'s famed, Dresden Room.   

Jen went on to become the backup singer for the L.A.-based rock band, American Zen, and she  still provides harmonies in the acoustic duet-spinoff, Maplesugar with front man, J. Scott Humphrey.  Jen is also a singer-songwriter and guitar player, having performed her original songs with her former  band, Chickaboom.

Jen Friesen has been a television producer for 15 years, and spends most of her time behind the scenes, although she loves to sing for anyone who wants to listen or chime in.

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